• Campervan Rentals

    Outsiders is a campervan rentals business dedicated to helping people access our beautiful countryside. At the heart of our service is a growing fleet of owner-hired vehicles, rented with our help in the same way that Airbnb helps people rent out their bricks + mortar. Our fleet is fully-insured and maintained, ensuring that your road trip lives up to your expectations.
    Get ready for some fun. Adventure awaits.
  • European Cover

    If you're wanting to head to the mainland, our Sussex base is perfectly placed. Newhaven ferry port is just 30 minutes drive, and you can be in Dieppe in just 4 hours. We're closer to Paris than we are to Newcastle. Having spent months touring France in our camper, we can't recommend it enough. The Loire, Dordogne (oh my), Brittany, the Auvergne, the Alps, the Pyrenees...you are in for a treat. We've got you covered.
  • Owner Rentals

    At the heart of how we work is our growing fleet of owner-rented campervans - which can generate income for you as an owner. For a small fee per booking, we provide everything you need to turn your camper into a source of revenue. If you are interested in getting your camper working for you, learn more here.
  • Digital Disconnect - A Connectivity Experiment

    We want to give everyone the chance to remember who they are amongst the natural order of things. Digital devices can often hinder that. There's no doubt that these technologies are capable of remarkable things, but sometimes they can eat away at the good stuff. So, if you're game, we've got a challenge for you. Read more in our manifesto.