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    When we were kids, our parents took us campervanning whenever they got the chance.  We had the time of our lives.  Self-made holidays made for the best memories.

    Our campervan road trips allowed us to run through fields, set-up dens wherever we could, before cooling off in the nearest river or sea.  We'd make new friends in minutes and by the end of the day we'd feel like we'd known each other forever.

    These are our most special memories.
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    That's why we started Outsiders.

    We've made it easy for you to ditch the laptop and mobile phone, escape the everyday and create your own special memories.

    We take care of the hassle and expense of campervan ownership, with all of the upside and none of the downside for you.

    The hills, forests, lakes and rivers beckon.  Where to first?

Happy Camper Manifesto

Here are some guiding principles that we think are worth considering adopting as part of any road trip:

1. Share the washing up

If there are older kids, they take the lead, and give the parents a break (hey kids, we know parents can be annoying sometimes, but driving the campervan officially counts as work).

2. Get lost

In a nice way.  By all means plan your days, but try to allow for some off-piste exploration.  (Granted, avalanches can happen off-piste, but the best views and freshest snow are there, so...)

3. Involve everyone in the decisions about where to go on some days

Having a say as to where you go, and what you do is empowering.  With that said, Mums/Dads can plan some kickass stuff and the kids might just end up loving what they thought they'd hate. (Ye of little faith!)

4. Digital Disconnect

This is an amnesty of your digital devices.  If you can do this, you'll feel like a new person. If you think you might struggle, you could try no screens throughout the day at first and keeping them in airplane mode so you can still use the camera.

If you are feeling brave enough to switch your phone off completely and enjoy a total digital detox, we'll lend you our Fuji Instax Camera and give you roll of film to take photos which you can pin to your (actual) wall.

Trust us on this.  Ditching the digital devices will make you feel truly connected again.

5. Pack light

With some careful planning, you might not need to bring as much gear as you first think.  In reality, newbies tend to pack around twice as many clothes as they need, and four times as many socks (typically, flip-flops and bare foot can win with beach cruising trips).

6. Make a checklist

This can help to destress the holiday significantly.  Get yourself a clipboard, stick a sheet of A4 on it, and storm the contents of your brain to onto the page for anything you might think you "need".  Then edit - ruthlessly.

7. Check the checklist

Schoolboy error no.#126 - forgetting to check the lists you made.  Put the clipboard in the kitchen or other high-foot fall area.

8. Make sure your passport is valid (if going abroad)

Take it from us. The horror of realising that your family is going on an amazing campervan holiday on the continent whilst you take an expensive detour to the passport office is a feeling you never forget. Prevent, prevent, prevent.

9. Bring your driver's licence

No licence, no campervan.  Thems the rules, sugar.

10. Don't forget the pup's favourite bed

We are dog lovers and hugely friendly towards animals, but you'll need to bring their favourite beds. No-one sulks like a grumpy pooch.

Okidokes?  Let's do this!